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The bathroom is THE place to relax after a long day of work. For even more well-being, transform it into a haven of peace simply by adding furniture, materials or accessories for a zen atmosphere.

A zen decor in the bathroom

A zen decor in the bathroom

Furniture for your Zen bathroom

To create azen mbiance in a bathroom, the furniture should be wooden. Oak, bamboo, teak,..., the chosen wood should be adapted to damp rooms.
To avoid having a bathroom made of wood, you can very well this material sparingly for example with stools or only the vanity unit in wood.
The color of the other furniture is important for the design of a Zen bathroom. We advise you to focus on neutral colors or those that reflect the nature or the raw colors of the materials.
The furniture will be ideally suspended to have a visibly larger space, not suffocating.
The Italian shower with its open sides is perfect for a Zen bathroom.
If you like bathtubs, choose it with rounded shapes; shapes to take over also for washbasins.

Zen bathroom = simple decoration

In order to get a Zen atmosphere in your bathroom, you do not have to not overload it in decoration. A Zen bathroom is a room where the decoration is minimalist, very refined. Here are some decorating tips for having a Zen bathroom:

  • A wooden stool to put your clothes or towels on;
  • A few green plants or flowers loving damp places;
  • A laundry basket and wicker baskets;
  • A mirror with mood lighting
  • Suspensions made of natural material rather than aggressive spots;
  • of the Venetian blinds instead of curtains;
  • Candles, flagship decoration for a soothing environment.

Materials for a Zen bathroom

The raw wood, stone, natural concrete or marble are among the main materials giving a relaxing bathroom. These materials can be used on the floor, wall or furniture in your bathroom.
It is possible to cover the ground with seagrass which is a woven material, resistant, insulating and quite suitable for wet rooms such as a bathroom.
The wood is also on the floor with a floor suitable for this type of room or possibly the ceiling always to have a nature side.
The use of pebble slabs is recommended for showers but can also decorate your walls and your floor outside this corner of relaxation.
Decorate the entire floor around your bathtub with large pebbles for a zen and soothing style.

You want to change the complete layout of your bathroom? We advise you to contact Feng Shui specialists in order to create with you your ideal Zen bathroom.

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